SmartArt Photography

SmartArt Photography – is my personal gallery of images, that were taken by smart phone, the gallery also includes the backstage images from over the world. I believe, that for good shot real photographer should use that kind of camera that he had on this time, to reach the moment that maybe never will come...+

50 Shades Of…

50 Shades Of… – Creative individual project 50 Shades Of… is a visual manipulation story, that was created to explain my point of view about <<women’s world fantasy’s>> based on popular book & movie – 50 Shades Of Grey Read between the lines and enjoy Always yours, Creative Art Photographer Photo4Go ...+

Urban Fetish TLV

Urban Fetish TLV – Photoset was created at the old streets of  Tel-Aviv The main idea of photoset – to integrate fetish style model with urban grafity & historical buildings & streets of Tel-Aviv Model: Vered Photo & Retouch: Photo4Go —————————————– But my dear, you are not Alice and this is not Wonderland Lewis Carroll, 1865 Alice’s...+

Photoset Summer Little Life

Photoset summer  is a little life. Photography by: #Photo4Go Model: Liza Popova Photoset in summer could be amazing opportunity to find & to create very interesting ideas. The photoset summer is a little life shows pictures of location workout with model & mobile studio accessories. Pls, enjoy our images: Thanks for visiting us...+