Noa Bat-Mitzvah Set

Noa Bat-Mitzvah set was created in beautiful place: Weizmann Institute of Science, in Rehovot The location was great, I used my standard setup for Bat-Mitzvah set as usual in my work. Camera – Canon 6D Lenses – Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM x2 Speedlights + Triggers –...+

Urban Fetish TLV

Urban Fetish TLV – Photoset was created at the old streets of  Tel-Aviv The main idea of photoset – to integrate fetish style model with urban grafity & historical buildings & streets of Tel-Aviv Model: Vered Photo & Retouch: Photo4Go —————————————– But my dear, you are not Alice and this is not Wonderland Lewis Carroll, 1865 Alice’s...+

Mia Bat Mitzvah Photoset

This photoset for Bat Mitzvah (12 years for girl – Jewish tradition) was created at the streets of old Jaffa Model: Mia If you enjoy our photos, you can order photoset for you & your family in every region of Israel Anytime, anywhere… Always yours, Photo4Go Creative Art Photographer  ...+

Photoset Summer Little Life

Photoset summer  is a little life. Photography by: #Photo4Go Model: Liza Popova Photoset in summer could be amazing opportunity to find & to create very interesting ideas. The photoset summer is a little life shows pictures of location workout with model & mobile studio accessories. Pls, enjoy our images: Thanks for visiting us...+

Photography Courses in Israel

Photography Courses in Israel – Masters Of Photo Art Photo4Go and  Jacob Grinberg Photography  presents, Opening of photography courses in Israel We are glad to represent for you our photography courses in Israel – Masters of Photo Art Our photography courses in Israel were completely adapted for beginners & experienced photographers In our lessons we will talk...+

Photo4Go 10 Commandments

10 הדיברות של Photo4Go 1. צילום זה יצירה משותפת של אומן וסביבתו המבוססת על התאחדות של צורה ותוכן, אשר התרחשה בפרק זמן נתון. 2. תלמד תמיד אצל הטובים ביותר, תהיה הטוב מבין הטובים 3. אל תפזר הבטחות לא מבוססות, תעמוד אחרי מעשיך 4. זכור את העבר שלך, תעשה בהווה, תתכנן את העתיד 5. כבד את...+