SmartArt Photography

SmartArt Photography – is my personal gallery of images, that were taken by smart phone, the gallery also includes the backstage images from over the world. I believe, that for good shot real photographer should use that kind of camera that he had on this time, to reach the moment that maybe never will come...+

Photography Courses in Israel

Photography Courses in Israel – Masters Of Photo Art Photo4Go and  Jacob Grinberg Photography  presents, Opening of photography courses in Israel We are glad to represent for you our photography courses in Israel – Masters of Photo Art Our photography courses in Israel were completely adapted for beginners & experienced photographers In our lessons we will talk...+

Photo4Go 10 Commandments

10 הדיברות של Photo4Go 1. צילום זה יצירה משותפת של אומן וסביבתו המבוססת על התאחדות של צורה ותוכן, אשר התרחשה בפרק זמן נתון. 2. תלמד תמיד אצל הטובים ביותר, תהיה הטוב מבין הטובים 3. אל תפזר הבטחות לא מבוססות, תעמוד אחרי מעשיך 4. זכור את העבר שלך, תעשה בהווה, תתכנן את העתיד 5. כבד את...+